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Life is…..
augustus 17, 2008, 3:26 pm
Filed under: Christelijke gedichten, liederen en teksten

I would say:

Life is up  
Life is down  
Life can spin you all around.  
Life is joy  
Life is pain  
And then it starts all over again.  
Life is up  
Life is down  
It’s in a smile- it’s in a frown.  
Life is happy  
Life is sad  
It’s really, really good; it’s really, really bad.  
Life is striving to be ready for what’s around the bend.  
But ultimately realizing that’s not possible in the end.  
Life is looking back on what has occurred.  
It’s quite a learning process- be assured!  
Life can drag you through the mud.  
Life can soar you through the sky  
Life makes you laugh  
Life makes you cry.  
When it comes down to life – it’s all it  
Should…would…could be –  
The sad, -the mad, -the glad, -the happy.  
Do you see?  
Life is up to you  
Life is up to me  
Life is up to us to be  
The people God has meant us to be!  
Life is family  
Life is friends  
Life is love.  
Life is a gift sent straight from above.  
Life is using each moment: good or bad  
To learn, to grow,  
To share, to care,  
To love one another each day  
Realizing there is no life any other way.


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